Fighting Back

Creating space for ourselves in a world focused on telling us where we belong and what we can and can’t do, can weigh us down. Eventually, quieting our voices so much that no one can hear us. Fighting back all the negativity and pushing through to pursue what we want is hard. It requires us to be honest with ourselves about what we really want and how far we’re willing to go to get it. It’s full of risk, doubt and a lot of unanswered questions. 

What if I fail?

Will they like it?

Where do I start?
These are the questions we all ask ourselves in the process of pursuing our dreams and the ones we need to get past if we’re ever going to reach our goals. Often, we get stuck on the what if’s or settle for good enough instead of facing the hard stuff head on and choosing to embrace the risk. Xavier Omär (FKA SPZRKT) asked himself these questions after realizing he wasn’t embracing the challenges to be his full self. He was making music, signed to a label and surrounded by people who supported him, but there was more of himself we wanted expressed in his music and who he was as an artist. The choice to be known as SPZRKT was a hook, it added intrigue and gave people a reason to press play. From there, the music started speaking for itself and that became the reason people were pressing play. It’s wasn’t about the name or having a hook, it was about the songs and the person creating them. Recognizing the importance of stepping up and claiming that truth is what being STRT TRBL is all about.

So much of our identities can be tied up in names or labels and how the outside world perceives us. Standing up and being our true self is hard because we’re not sure if it will change the way others see us. What we need to remember, is that who we are is not up to the outside world, it’s up to us to define who we are and walk it out unapologetically. 


Written by Ashley Hillock